As with all of our services, we cater to you and your dogs’ needs. Please contact us if you have something in mind. 

We can also create a combination of our services (such as dog walking plus training) to meet your special needs.  Their is no charge for extra dogs. Just give us a call if you’d like to explore more options!

Service Area is within the Portland Metro Area.

Walking Services

When your dog is on a dog pack hike or walk, they are given the rules and boundaries that they need to safely explore. They want to use their sense of smell, sound, and sight to take in new and exciting experiences, which we strive for every time.

"The Leader" Pack Hike: ($35 for 1.5 hours)
Behavioral issues at home are often improved or solved when your dog has the opportunity to run and explore with other dogs. A strong pack leader makes sure that all dogs are positively interacting. Our best value! Send your pup off with its neighborhood pals for a hike. Great for socialization, exercise and dogs who love the outdoors. 

"The Traditional" Dog Walk: ($20 for 30 minutes)
A fun and casual walk through your neighborhood to get all your pup's wiggles out.

"The In Between" Dog Walk: ($25 for 45 minutes)
When the " The Traditional" isn't enough but the "Long Stroll" is just a little to long.

"The Long Stroll" Dog Walk: ($30 for 60 minutes)
A fun walk through your neighborhood but for those that need a little more than the "traditional walk" . 



Training - In Home

We know that each dog is different and work according to how your dog learns best. We use a variety of positive methods, depending on you and your dog’s temperament, to enrich your lives.

During training, we help you build a dynamic routine to include: improving obedience in a fun way, meeting exercise needs, providing activities to entertain his or her breed traits and reducing behavioral issues.  We want to help you achieve a balanced relationship, allowing you to have the loving pet you want without having to be unnecessarily overbearing or spending hours on the same obedience commands over and over again. We also provide support for when you can’t do it all, with our pack hikes, walks, and pet sitting.

Our rates are comparable to other qualified trainers in the area, please call for a consultation and estimate. 

Training - Classes- Spring/Summer/Fall

We will be offering several different classes depending on the needs of our clients. Learn Foundational basics to Advanced obedience. Once you and your canine have finished through Advanced you will be ready to prep to certify your dog with the CGC (Canine Good Citzenship). When you are ready to sign up please click on the picture above to go to the class form!

*Classes take place outdoors

"Foundations" Puppy/beginner  (6 week Course)

Learn your foundational basics such as look, sit, down, loose leash walking, leave it, drop it, greetings, stay, come and final evaluation.

"Distractions" Intermediate  (6 week Course)

After learning your foundation in puppy class, Intermediate class will reinforce the foundation with distance, duration and distractions.

"Final Level" Advanced (6 week Course)

Our final class will take you to the last level of basic obedience. You are by no means done training but this class will prepare you and your dog for taking the CGC test and bring you closer to service, therapy work, agility or sniff work. This class will be taught in the classroom and also special outings around the city.

Pet Sitting/In Home Services

Drop-in Pet Sitting: $25
A fun walk and play session with your cats and dogs while you’re away. Includes bringing in the mail, watering plants, litter clean up…whatever you need!

Overnight Pet Sitting: 

Standard Overnight- $65 This service either takes place in your home or in the home of one of our dog-loving contractors. The “Standard Overnight” is modeled after a typical 9-5 workday. Your pets will have a max 8-9 hours alone during the day, then company in the evening, and overnight.

“Standard Overnight” pet sitting includes;

  • Late afternoon/evening dinner and your regular bedtime routine (feeding, walk, bedtime story, Netflix and chill, or simply just evening snuggles)

  • Morning feeding, potty break/walk

 Let us know your pet’s routine and will try to make the transition as easy as possible. We can add additional services as needed. See the list below

Standard Plus Overnight-$85 This option is the same as the “Standard Overnight” but includes a 30 minute midday visit/walk. With this option, your pet will not be alone for more than 5-6 hours at a time.

Supreme Overnight-$100 This option includes all of the “Standard Overnight” options but includes 2- 30 minute visits/walks OR a pack hike. With this option, your pet is only alone for 3-4 hours max.  This option is great for puppies and older pets.

Round the Clock Care- (contact us for a quote) This option includes lots of love and snuggles for even the more fragile or high needs pet. With this option, we will tailor a service package to meet your needs.

 Every Overnight includes:

  • Check in by 10 pm and full overnight care.

  • Morning pet care routine

  • Evening pet care routine

  • Daily cleanup of pet areas (litter box, bedding, pee pads, etc.)

  • Mail collection (if requested)

  • Plant watering (if requested)

  • Feeding and care of outdoor wildlife (if requested)

  • Curb side trash (if requested)

Additional Options (available depending on availability)

  • Grocery pick up

  • Vet/groomer pick up and drop off

  • House cleaning

  • Poop Pick up

  • Daily pet excursions

  • Dog run (30 or 60 minute)

  • Weekend Hike

Add additional services to an overnight stay for a discounted rate.

In Between Grooming Services

"The Quick Clip" Nail Trim ($10 to $15)*
Keep your pooches nails tidy and trim with our quick clip nail trim service. 

"The Clip and Grind" Nail Service ($18 to $25)*
Keep your pooches nails tidy by having a nail trim and then filing with a grinder for a smooth flawless finish.

"The Beast to Beauty" Brush Out ($20 to $45)**
Sometimes after going on our hikes our pups need a little freshening up. Our brush out will keep your fur friend looking fabulous between their normal grooming appointments.

"The Full Service" Brush Out and Bath ($25 to $55)**
Along with our regular brush out service, this includes a bath to help your pooches stay clean and fresh. We will bathe, dry, and brush out your dog. You can have your furry friend stay in the comfort of their own home and we'll take care of the clean up!

"The Royal Treatment" Bath, Brush Out, Clip and Grind Nail Service ($40 to $65)**

Book a spa day for your fur baby and give them "The Royal Treatment". This service includes a bath, brush out, nail trim and filing along with a paw pad trim if needed. Your pup will feel great after a day of pampering!

*price depends on if two people are needed

**price depends on short or long haired dogs. Please call or email for a quote.