About Us

We are a boutique pet service company, based in Portland, OR, that authentically cares about you and your fur family. We want you to always feel comfortable with who is caring for your fur friends.


Here is a little about each of Platinum Leash's Pet care team!



My propensity for internet research makes me the best option for a "phone a friend" if you ever find yourself in a trivia dilemma. I love working with animals and my dream is to own a small urban farm. I love tiny homes, kombucha, and Netflix binging with a glass of wine. I am a wife and mother of two. I have two dogs, two cats, and flock of chickens. If you are in need of pet sitting for "unique" pets, I'm your girl!
Growing up we had a small urban farm in our suburban Beaverton home. I was a member of 4-H, raising rabbits and cavies. As it became time to leave for college, my career aspirations changed from being a veterinarian and animal nutritionist to studying social science and business. As co-owner of Platinum Leash, I enjoy working with the clients just as much as I enjoy hanging out with their pets


When I was a young lass of 3 I fell in love with the world of animals. I wanted to tame the most exotic creatures the world had to offer. I imagined working with the circus as a lion tamer or riding as a jockey in the Kentucky Derby or maybe even a peacock wrangler! Alas my dreams faded and reality hit. I was forced into the dungeons of retail as a young adult but my life took a wonderful turn about 5 years ago after selling my retail business.
My then, 7 year old daughter encouraged me to go back to what inspires me the most, animals. I finally, got to live out my childhood dream of training dogs and their wonderful humans. Along with all of the career changes I also added a husband, two more daughters and 3 dogs to my pack. Being co-owner of Platinum Leash makes me realize that I can’t imagine ever doing anything more rewarding then working with my furry clients and their humans. It may not be exactly lion taming but I love it and everything that comes with it, even the poop!


Jeremy is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, but moved to Portland in the summer of 2013 for a change of pace, and to pursue his passion for the outdoors. When he's not walking dogs or taking classes through PCC, you can find him out on the trails or in the mountains exploring the great Pacific Northwest with his best friend and hiking buddy, Abby, his three year old black lab.



Matt has been a trainer for 5 years. He is an American Kennel Club evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen test and other certificates under the family dog program. His specialties include training sled dogs, weight pull and other working breeds. He also used to volunteer with Siberian Husky Rescue NM, and now with WA Malamute Adoption league.



Hey, I'm Bailee. I grew up on a horse ranch, but I'm no cowgirl. I am passionate about dogs, so I'm familiar with slobber, oh and poop. My hobbies include eating...... everything in sight. The desert is my homeland, but I feel more at home in this beautiful forest. I don't have a favorite breed of dog, but I am a sucker for those smooshed faced furfreaks. I even have one! You probably won't find me sitting too long, as I crave the outdoors and being in motion. Also, I am a morning person. Try not to cringe. If it were up to me, dogs would rule and humans would drool.