We are a provider of dog training, dog walking, and pet-sitting services, based in the Portland Metro area, custom tailored for you and your pet's lifestyle.

We focus on giving your dog everything it needs to be happy, with services specifically geared towards dog owning families with a busy lifestyle.

Doggy and owner satisfaction is our primary goal and we are here to help!


Doggie's Day Out

With the weather turning sunny and our pup's needing to run and play, what better way to do that then with our version of daycare! Doggie's Day Out is designed to fill your dog's day with a small group of dogs and one-on-one activities that fill his senses mentally and physically. While you are at work you can rest assured that your pup is enjoying his day with us to the fullest. He will come home after a 4 to 6 hour romp tired and ready to snuggle with his family!

Custom plan In-Home Training

Do you have a new friend that has joined your family or just want to work on a couple opportunities that your dog may have? We are a positive based training group that will provide a loving and planned training environment for you and your dog to learn. We customize each training session tailored to you and your dog's lifestyle, from basic obedience to specific needs you may have. Contact us to set up your free consultation today!