Platinum Leash February Update


Happy Valentines!


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, why not treat your furry bff to some delicious Valentine’s treats. Follow the links below for the recipes.

Grain-free peanut butter and jelly

Cranberry Hearts-


Pet of the



Barnaby came to us shortly after Adam and Deirdra adopted him from the shelter. He did well at the shelter with other dogs, but when they brought him home he had some issues. He was very reactive with dogs on the streets of downtown. We have been working with Barnaby on feeling more comfortable in these situations. Almost a year later he is able to walk in a pack, and he does not try to engage every dog that walks past. In general he seems less anxious with other dogs that pass. He is a sweet little guy who has become a family member here at Platinum Leash. He is our Pet Of The Month.


New Services:

  • We now offer limited grooming services. You can add a nail trim, bath, or brush out to your normal walk or hiking service. Please check out our services page on the platinumleash website.  
  • After the great feedback we received from previous excursions, We have decided to offer them as a new service. Our next excursion will be in May. If you haven’t heard, our excursions are day trips to places like the beach or the mountain. We will pick up your dog early in the morning and return around 5 pm.  Our excursions are limited to 5-10 dogs depending on the number of contractors joining us. The cost is $100 and that includes: pick up and drop off, an all-day outing, a set of emailed pictures, a special treat from the outing location, and an exclusive Platinum Leash excursions bandanna. This a great chance for your dog to receive training (the training is included in the price) in a unique setting.

Please email us directly to get on the excursion waiting list. 




After having a few clients ask about services, we wanted to gauge your interest. Below is a list and small description of services that have been requested. Before adding them to our list of regular services, we wanted to get an idea of how many clients would be interested. If you are interested in any of these services or have a new one that you’d like offered, let us know.


1.     Puppy Play Dates- Since we are unable to offer hikes to young pups, this is a great way to wear them out for the day. Any dog 18 months and under can come to puppy play date. We will arrange a time for our crew to come pick up your pup and we will meet for a 60-90 minute play date with our other puppy clients. This is a great way for your dog to interact with other puppies in a controlled setting. Once your pup graduates from Puppy Play Date, they can move on to our pack hikes.

2.    Doggie’s Day Out- This is our version of daycare. We have recently had a few clients show interest in daycare for their dogs. Daycare is great and offers all day care. We feel that we can offer a similar service, with some extra bonuses. Our Doggie’s Day Out will offer a much smaller group which give your dog more individualized care. We will pick up your pup in the morning and bring them home in the evening. Your dog will not be stuck inside all day, they will be out and about all day long. Your dog will join their “care person” on walks and hikes throughout the day, as well as other fun adventures they can come up with.

3.    Dog (and owner) Bootcamp and Yoga- Last week we received an inquiry about dog and owner workouts. This is a very different service than we normally offer but we are open to growing and changing. This would be a 45-60 minute bootcamp or yoga session at a centralized park (depending on where interested clients live).

4. Dog Runs- 30, 45, or 60 minute runs.

5.  Evening or Weekend services- Do you ever need your pup gone for a few hours at night or on the weekend? If so, please let us know.